floral friday



If you’ve been shopping this season, or browsed Pinterest at all in the past few months, you know floral is huge this season. I’ve seen floral patterned pants, jackets, shoes, hammers — you name it, it comes in a floral pattern. While I appreciate the versatility of it, I’m not sure I can pull off floral pants. Anyway, I love the abstract, more modern take on florals, like this secret garden poster by Michelle Armas, but I think my favourite is the watercolour floral paintings that Tatiana Musi creates. Have you embraced florals? In your wardrobe, your home, or both?


forget me not

I love these baby blues – perfect for welcoming spring. Happy Friday!

Shoes via Ruche; print via Lisa Rupp on Etsy

yellow and neutral

diy: making room for mushrooms

I love the nostalgia that mushrooms create in decor. They’re playful and make great accessories for spring. When I saw this lamp base a couple months ago at Value Village  for $7.99 I had a vision. Rather than  locating a lamp shade to work with the base, I decided to make it into a candle holder.

The colour had to go. Originally I thought I would like to paint it pink (inspired by Abigail Ahern’s use of the colour in her book), but while perusing the spray paints at Home Depot I decided to go with a more mellow approach. The colour I chose was Tremclad‘s Glacier Blue.

Before I could start the painting process, I had to disassemble the lamp. I pulled the cord out, and tugged with pliers until the other components came off the top. I also used a damp cloth to get rid of any dust and the remnants of the price sticker.

I had difficulty with a very stuck nut and bolt, which was too much for WD-40 to handle. I tried sawing it off with a small hacksaw, but because of the way the top is curved upwards, it wouldn’t work without doing damage to the base.

In the end, I just left it. I pushed the candle down until the nut and bolt carved a hole in the bottom of the candle. This makes the candle a bit more sturdy.

To paint the base without also adding a blue hue to my screen door, I had to wait for a day without much wind, which was challenging. I don’t know about you, but when I get an idea for a project, I want to do everything right away. It took a couple days for me to apply two coats so the colour would stick in all the grooves.

I like how the base really stands out. It’s very youthful and fun, but I think the colour makes it a bit more sophisticated.

Pastels are a great look for spring, and I have fully embraced them on my table! I think the look is fresh and really easy to work with in your own space. Even if you’re not ready to commit to a full colour makeover for your home, use accessories to follow colour trends and change them up each season.

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