floral friday



If you’ve been shopping this season, or browsed Pinterest at all in the past few months, you know floral is huge this season. I’ve seen floral patterned pants, jackets, shoes, hammers — you name it, it comes in a floral pattern. While I appreciate the versatility of it, I’m not sure I can pull off floral pants. Anyway, I love the abstract, more modern take on florals, like this secret garden poster by Michelle Armas, but I think my favourite is the watercolour floral paintings that Tatiana Musi creates. Have you embraced florals? In your wardrobe, your home, or both?


forget me not

I love these baby blues – perfect for welcoming spring. Happy Friday!

Shoes via Ruche; print via Lisa Rupp on Etsy

cutting board art

This cutting board is an unconventional way to incorporate art in your kitchen. Cutting board available from Hilda Grahnat. 

yellow and neutral

natural paper art

Michelle at Feminine Modern framed this Amate weave paper made from the bark fibers of fig and mulberry trees. At $7.50 a sheet, it’s an affordable way to add textured art to your home. I like the way the weave makes a polka dot pattern.

dive in

After running around like crazy to get ready for Christmas at my parent’s house, and a few days of family time, I’m back to work today and ready to get organized for 2012. I did some sorting of craft supplies yesterday (I got so many great things for Christmas – including all the tools for learning embroidery), and went through notes from my school days. It was satisfying to sort and shred some papers that I could have tossed months ago. What are your plans for the week?

3 Divers by Hugo Guiness

sail away with me

I’ve been enamored with this cottage ever since I set eyes on it in the June issue of House and Home this summer. Nestled in Georgian Bay (close to my own family cottage) the retreat is simple and romantic. The cottage has fascinating family history with a refreshingly modern aesthetic, thanks to the fresh coat of white paint unifying the space. I love this shell-framed painting, a relic from the cottage, and the way it is juxtaposed against the other sailboats. (To see the full before and after, go here).

However predictable, you can’t deny how fitting nautical touches are in a waterfront cottage.

1. Rising of the Setting Sun print

2. Tall ship print

3. Buoys 


The sky has been the same colour as these stones today, and I’m not complaining.

Crocheted lace stone here; girl with cozy sweater here

a space for me

This house, owned by a woman and her young daughter, exemplifies my style. I love art, patterns and textiles, and a touch of vintage. Of course, above all, any space has to be comfortable and nurture my creativity. That’s exactly what this space does. If you haven’t seen the full house tour, I implore you to head to Apartment Therapy right now and see for yourself.

Painting by Mel Shimkovitz; couch found here

the weekend

You can find this print at Urban Outfitters for only $34.

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