Totally mesmerizing. How does sewing work? Reminds me – one of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally (re)learn how to sew.

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BBQ season

My boyfriend and I live at the top of an old house, and one of the best features of our attic apartment is our patio. I knew when I toured the apartment a few years ago that it would be an essential part of living in the city during the summer. It’s fairly small, but we’ve got a few plants and a little charcoal barbecue, and we recently bought a comfortable bistro table for outdoor eating. If our patio was even smaller,  this mini BBQ/planter combo by Dwell would do the trick just fine.  I mean, how cute is it? (It also costs about the same as our bistro set).

Hot Pot BBQ from Dwell Modern Collection

Also, while you’re grilling,  I suggest listening to Twin Shadow’s new album Confess (think throwback new wave) and for a more rock n’ roll, but equally upbeat vibe, put on King Tuff’s self-titled album. Both albums are quickly becoming my summer 2012 jams. What do you like to listen to?

sunday in the junction

I had a very relaxing and fun weekend where I ignored every single one of my chores except groceries and a tiny bit of laundry.

On Saturday, I hit up a few street sales in my neighbourhood, and watched Moonrise Kingdom.

On Sunday, I set my alarm to be up to catch the first ever Junction Flea Market. I was afraid I would get lost since I don’t usually visit this area of the city, but it was very easy to spot with the signage and some white bunting strung along a chain link fence outlining the lot.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was mostly vintage wares, delicious snacks, and a few new things as well including some beautiful textiles and terrariums from Toronto favourite Bookhou, letterpress cards from Snap + Tumble and some interesting jewellery from Big Tinsel.

As for the vintage vendors, the items were more expensive than what you would expect to pay at a flea market or thrift shop, but there were some exceptions of course. Overall, the items were very good quality, and there was something for every budget. There were even a few $5 and under bins. I bought a couple of things that I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.

If you’re interested in going to the next one, it happens on the second Sunday in July. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Photos, left to right: On the bus to the flea market with an iced americano in hand; one of my favourite four-letter words; a lunch and beer on my patio at home after a long morning of exploring the Junction; and a bracelet I made using Omiyage neon twine and a bead from the Beau & Bauble using this tutorial. 


I love this hilarious take on this meme by illustrator Kris Atomic. Peonies are up there on my list of favourite flowers, although right now, the peach-coloured poppies spotted in my neighbour’s garden have won the top spot. What is your favourite flower this time of year?

for mom

floral friday



If you’ve been shopping this season, or browsed Pinterest at all in the past few months, you know floral is huge this season. I’ve seen floral patterned pants, jackets, shoes, hammers — you name it, it comes in a floral pattern. While I appreciate the versatility of it, I’m not sure I can pull off floral pants. Anyway, I love the abstract, more modern take on florals, like this secret garden poster by Michelle Armas, but I think my favourite is the watercolour floral paintings that Tatiana Musi creates. Have you embraced florals? In your wardrobe, your home, or both?

painted ladies

I bought some floral watercolour postcards from Leah Goren a few months ago, and have loved using them for spring time thank you notes. What I’m really pining for in her shop though is this cropped tank. Now if only I had the guts (get it?) to wear it.

Do you wear cropped tops? How do you style them?

embroidery barbie

This piece by Peterborough-based Lucky Jackson combines my childhood love of Barbie with my more recent interest in embroidery. I can’t get over how perfect the sunset background is, or the movement that the handlebar tassels create.

I bought a scalloped wooden cross-stitch pendant at City of Craft on Saturday from the Workroom, and I’ve been trying to find something to stitch on to it. I really like the idea of a floral pattern, but we’ll see what else I can find first Any thoughts on what would work or where to look?

weekend recap

Some snaps from the weekend including City of Craft loot, breakfast with Adam on Sunday (sunny up, rye, and sausage, and coffee), and a fun party at Tabula Rasa on Saturday night. How was your weekend?

crepe paper source

Crepe paper has been popping up all over the craft blogs I read this year, and while I can find some basic colours at my local DeSerres, I came across a new source this week. Marisa of Omiyage used Carte Fini Italian crepe paper for her crepe paper flowers DIY on oh my! handmade goodness and the results are stunning. The rolls seem hefty, and are not terribly unreasonable at $7 to $8.50 a pop. The quality of the paper is so important when folding, cutting and shaping, as cheap, thin paper just rips and isn’t as pliable. Where is your go-to source for crepe paper?

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