painted ladies

I bought some floral watercolour postcards from Leah Goren a few months ago, and have loved using them for spring time thank you notes. What I’m really pining for in her shop though is this cropped tank. Now if only I had the guts (get it?) to wear it.

Do you wear cropped tops? How do you style them?


yellow and neutral

Print by Jordan Grace Owens on Etsy; photo by My Style Pill

five good things

Monday blues

I was a grump this whole weekend – you know those moods that nothing seems to shake? It’s time to think a bit more optimistically, and this list of five good things is filling my glass half-full.

1. Adam bought a turntable and now I have my own personal living room DJ.

2. I bought my first issue of Uppercase magazine. I couldn’t resist the paper theme. Also, I love discovering careers you never really thought existed, in this case a paper rep. Hello, dream job.

3. I can’t stop listening to this song. I’ll be shocked if you don’t start dancing.

4. Floral-patterned washi tape – so spring-like.

5. This handmade, marbled leather clutch with an asymmetrical flap is dreamy.

Print via blancucha on Etsy

monday morning

Inside Jenna's Hamilton-based studio. The framed peg board is such a nice display.

 Jenna Rose (I’ve raved about her textiles before) is Etsy’s featured seller today. (Thanks to Kate Hunter for the tip on Twitter).

embroidered birds

history of glitter

Did you know archaeologists believe that even neanderthals liked to cover themselves in sparkle? Learn about the history of glitter via this Etsy video. Super interesting stuff.

unexpected watercolour

I discovered Jill Wignall’s blog, Today I Saw, after ordering a collaborative print that she did with Bookhou. One post that stood out to me is of a paint job in progress in her bedroom. I love that the pattern and colours remind me of summer, and create such a playful look that also manages to be calming thanks to the subdued, watercolour effect. Would you ever try your hand at something like this in your home?

statement necklaces

With this nippy weather, scarves are a no-brainer accessory that come in a variety of shapes, fabrics, patterns and colours. What I like about these necklaces is they provide the coziness of a knitted, soft fabric but make a statement indoors too. Also, they are long, which is nice, because sometimes I feel like necklaces are way too short on me anyway. Would you wear one? At around $40 each, they would make a great gift as well. You can shop A Alicia Handmade Accessories on Etsy.


think fast

I love paper as a crafting medium. It’s versatile, and can really be a cost-effective material to craft with. I keep my eye out for pretty packaging (like these butterscotch wrappers) to reuse for making cards, for example.

While a lot of the paper projects I do are small in scale, paper really doesn’t have to be limited to 8.5 x 11. When I saw this wedding a while ago, I was excited with the scale of the flowers and the kind of whimsical, fun pictures the couple created using the large scale flowers as props. Imagine my delight when I came across the same exact flowers on Etsy for sale for $100. A handpainted flower for $100? I think it’s worth it. I mean, look at it:

Handpainted oversized paper flower

Handpainted oversized paper flower

via The House That Lars Built


The sky has been the same colour as these stones today, and I’m not complaining.

Crocheted lace stone here; girl with cozy sweater here

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