floral friday



If you’ve been shopping this season, or browsed Pinterest at all in the past few months, you know floral is huge this season. I’ve seen floral patterned pants, jackets, shoes, hammers — you name it, it comes in a floral pattern. While I appreciate the versatility of it, I’m not sure I can pull off floral pants. Anyway, I love the abstract, more modern take on florals, like this secret garden poster by Michelle Armas, but I think my favourite is the watercolour floral paintings that Tatiana Musi creates. Have you embraced florals? In your wardrobe, your home, or both?


painted ladies

I bought some floral watercolour postcards from Leah Goren a few months ago, and have loved using them for spring time thank you notes. What I’m really pining for in her shop though is this cropped tank. Now if only I had the guts (get it?) to wear it.

Do you wear cropped tops? How do you style them?

good things this week

I’m headed to Waterloo tonight to go on a holiday home tour in support of HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre. The houses will be decorated for Christmas, so I’m excited to take away some inspiration, support a great cause and spend a night with my mom.

Other great things this week include finding this pattern on a book at Value Village, setting up our espresso machine again, seeing Noel Gallagher in concert, and receiving my For The Makers package in the mail (more on that next week). What were some good things for you this week? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy your weekend!


woof, woof

I am more of a cat person than a dog person, but I can’t resist these sweet dog patterns gracing everything from makeup bags to blouses this season. Have you embraced animal patterns in your wardrobe, or your home, yet?

1. Dog blouse from Zara

2. Fawn tapestry from Urban Outfitters

3. Pony lights from Urban Outfitters

4. Dog shorts from Topshop

sugar bowl needed

A few months ago while perusing the kitchen section at Value Village on Queen East, I came across this adorable creamer.

The number of times I’ve had cream in my fridge (zero) did not stop me from purchasing it at the amazing price of $2.99. On Christmas I opened up the matching teapot (another thoughtful gift from my boyfriend). He found it at a flea market.

I love the colour of the lid!

Although the pot isn’t in perfect condition, I can’t get over how wonderful they look displayed together in my kitchen.

The pieces are Sadler made in Staffordshire, England. I have had no luck finding the name of the pattern, or the year it was made.

Now I am on the hunt for the sugar bowl to complete my set.

If you have any information about the pattern, or where I could find the missing piece to my set, send me an email at gumptiondiy@gmail.com.

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