floral friday



If you’ve been shopping this season, or browsed Pinterest at all in the past few months, you know floral is huge this season. I’ve seen floral patterned pants, jackets, shoes, hammers — you name it, it comes in a floral pattern. While I appreciate the versatility of it, I’m not sure I can pull off floral pants. Anyway, I love the abstract, more modern take on florals, like this secret garden poster by Michelle Armas, but I think my favourite is the watercolour floral paintings that Tatiana Musi creates. Have you embraced florals? In your wardrobe, your home, or both?


let’s chat: blogpodium

I’m excited to be attending BlogPodium this Friday at IDS12. The first panel discussion kicks off a quarterly conference series for bloggers co-founded by Toronto bloggers Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog and Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators. With an aim of fostering a conversation between bloggers and the design community, the first talk will tackle the topic of the relationship of blogs and media.

I made a pact to myself that I would start to do things outside of my comfort zone and not feel like I can’t participate in events like this just because I’m not a seasoned blogger. I think it’s crucial to talk to other bloggers that have been doing this longer if I’m going to grow. The design community is an incredibly supportive one, so I think it’s important to embrace that. There is so much I need to learn, and I’m looking forward to finding a platform where I can start to really understand blogging and the opportunities that are available, as well as meet people with similar interests.

I’ll be bringing some IDS12 content to the blog next week, so get ready for some serious design eye candy.

local and edgy design

How perfectly fall-like is this Kensington loft space designed by Emma Reddington? I’m not usually drawn to such dark, moody colours, but this space just oozes the kind of comfort that is perfect for the upcoming season. I love the walls, the couch, the art, the stools, the mirrored side table…OK, I love a lot of this space. Anyway,  what are your plans this weekend? I think I’m going to roast a chicken, make some squash soup and generally relax.

Photo by Ashley Capp

good idea

As I was looking at way-out-of-my-price-range lighting on Anthrolpologie, I quickly noticed the curser on my mouse was turning each light from on to off.

I had never noticed this feature while browsing before, but I have to say, that aside from looking cool, it actually helps you envision what it looks like at night.

Have you been shopping for lighting lately? What are your go-to sources?

screen time design: 18 to life

CBC‘s relatively new comedy, 18 to Life ,has me looking forward to Mondays. What kind of design-fiend wouldn’t be into a show that uses “hanging pictures” as a euphemism for sex? 

Shot in Montreal, the show is about two neighbours/childhood sweethearts who marry each other on a dare. The 18-year-old newlyweds live in Tom’s (Michael Seater) parent’s attic. Jessie (Stacey Farber) plays a design student who has a knack for making the mismatched flow seamlessly in their open space, and like me, is drawn to bright colours. Join me on a mini-tour of their spot. 


In the latest episode, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, their bright kitchen was in the spotlight. And for good reason. Turquoise cupboards, with chalkboard painted faces, are the backbone of their kitchen. Open shelves display an eclectic collection of dishes. A rounded countertop bar allows generous room for more colourful knick-knacks and industrial stools. 






Want the look? Start here: 1) These adjustable industrial stools from Crate and Barrel, 2) these glasses from Ikea, 3)these coffee cups and saucers from Ikea, 4) A personalized apron from Artik.com, and 5) one of these blue paints from Pantone 



This is where the magic happens. Even dressed as a cheerleader in the episode Hanging Pictures, Jessie can’t distract from the pretty floral quilt, key lime wooden headboard and stenciled drawers that make for a very cozy bedroom. 



Want the look? Start here: 1) This patchwork quilt from Urban Outfitters is more funky than floral, 2) These curtains from Ikea are only $6.99 for two panels (!), 3) These drawers from Ikea are ready to be stenciled, 4) This mirror from Urban Outfitters is flowery and bright blue, and 5) one of these green paints from Pantone for the headboard 



This area may have limited seating, storage, and a TV with bunny ears, but there is ample tabletop space. The fun artwork and pillows keep the space comfy, and create a perfect alternative to the garage for Jessie’s dad, Phil (Alain Goulem), to sleep in during the episode Phil’er Up




Want the look? Start here: 1) This mid-century inspired rocker from Urban Outfitters, 2) This accordian side table from Urban Outfitters, 3) These simple and colourful flower silhouettes from nevedobson at etsy.com, 4) This purple cushion from Ikea, 5) These globes from Crate and Barrel can be displayed together to replace the traditional (and pricier) rotating globe. 

Even if you aren’t 18, or don’t call an attic home, you should start looking forward to Mondays too. Trust me, 18 to Life makes them a little bit better.

Watch 18 to Life on CBC Monday at 8 p.m.

Images of the show are stills taken from Episode 7 – Hanging Pictures, Episode 8 – Phil’er Up and Episode 10 – Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner all on  cbc.ca


It’s January and the bills keep coming in. To make them more approachable, organize them in pretty file folders and stick them in this magazine rack from Ikea. Now you have a stylish organizational system that doesn’t take up as much room as a filing cabinet.

You can pick up file folders like these anywhere that sells stationary, but these are from HomeSense. The set came with so many that more than half of them are empty!

Cost: $15 for rack, $10 for folders

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