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Crepe paper has been popping up all over the craft blogs I read this year, and while I can find some basic colours at my local DeSerres, I came across a new source this week. Marisa of Omiyage used Carte Fini Italian crepe paper for her crepe paper flowers DIY on oh my! handmade goodness and the results are stunning. The rolls seem hefty, and are not terribly unreasonable at $7 to $8.50 a pop. The quality of the paper is so important when folding, cutting and shaping, as cheap, thin paper just rips and isn’t as pliable. Where is your go-to source for crepe paper?


perfect paper flowers

Brittany Jepsen wedding

Photos by Ali Degraff

I’ve been a reader of The House That Lars Built for a while, initially drawn to the blog by Brittany Jepsen’s giant paper flower creations she made for her wedding (shown above). Since then, she has created paper flowers of every size, colour and shape, and is kind enough to share the instructions on her blog. (Her paper leaf topiary DIY was featured on Etsy’s blog this week and it is equally amazing).

While I was going through Brittany’s archives, I came across another paper flower artist, Eloise Corr Danch.  I’m in love with Eloise’s floral letters and names that she sells in her shop. I’d take seeing my name in paper flowers over my name in lights any day.

Visit Ali Degraff here, Brittany Jepsen here, and Eloise Corr Danch here.

natural paper art

Michelle at Feminine Modern framed this Amate weave paper made from the bark fibers of fig and mulberry trees. At $7.50 a sheet, it’s an affordable way to add textured art to your home. I like the way the weave makes a polka dot pattern.

washi wrapping paper

I remember reading a recap of mt Expo 2011 on hello sandwich, and losing my mind over the washi tape over everything: the walls, stairs and even a car. I would probably have the same inclination if I bought this washi wrapping paper and wrap everything in sight. It’s just so darn cute, but it’s also $30, so that’s not happening. If you have $30 to spend on wrapping paper, it’s available here.

Photos via

P.S. Stay tuned for a super easy washi tape DIY!

diy instant party

Whether they have been overdone or not, I am still in love with garlands. While material varies, and there are too many DIY garland projects online to count, I really like this reusable garland from Fellow, Fellow. You could swap out the yarn with any colour you choose, and store it for the next birthday or even for an impromptu message.

A few weeks ago I picked up these letter stencils with another project in mind, but for a quick birthday party message I strung together a few stencils and fastened it to the wall with washi tape. A super easy project that took less than two minutes from start to finish. You could punch holes on the top corners of the stencils to weave them together but I like the look of the more haphazard arrangement.



think fast

I love paper as a crafting medium. It’s versatile, and can really be a cost-effective material to craft with. I keep my eye out for pretty packaging (like these butterscotch wrappers) to reuse for making cards, for example.

While a lot of the paper projects I do are small in scale, paper really doesn’t have to be limited to 8.5 x 11. When I saw this wedding a while ago, I was excited with the scale of the flowers and the kind of whimsical, fun pictures the couple created using the large scale flowers as props. Imagine my delight when I came across the same exact flowers on Etsy for sale for $100. A handpainted flower for $100? I think it’s worth it. I mean, look at it:

Handpainted oversized paper flower

Handpainted oversized paper flower

via The House That Lars Built

teeny tiny

I have an affinity for tiny objects. Who doesn’t? Anything that’s great in a normal size, like tassels or macarons, is instantly improved when it has shrunk 20 times. These are the miniature things that caught my eye this week.

1. tiny tassels via Oh Happy Day; 2. tiny coat hangers via kikki.k; 3. tiny macaron postcard via Omiyage 

collecting: craft ideas

I can’t wait to get my hands on this adorable book about Dottie Angel, the latest installment in the Suitcase Series published by UPPERCASE. I’ve been following Dottie Angel’s blog for a while now, and every time I leave it I am itching to make something with my hands.

Although there is nothing like collecting bits and pieces for card making and crafts, it is nice to have a goodie bag of pretty papers, tape and string to spend less time on curating and cutting and more on creating.

brilliant brights

The Tokyo Dreamer camera strap at Photojojo//via here

Pretty paper at Mimimega//via here

functional and turquoise

I always seem to be drawn to things in this turquoise hue – especially in the summer. As soon as I came across this baking pan from Ikea while doing some research on bedroom storage (I got a little distracted) I remembered this desktop paper shredder from Poketo. Then I recalled when I was browsing Kitsch Cafe on Etsy and found these utensils. They all have two things in common: they’re functional and turquoise.

I wouldn’t necessarily do these things in this order.

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