crepe paper source

Crepe paper has been popping up all over the craft blogs I read this year, and while I can find some basic colours at my local DeSerres, I came across a new source this week. Marisa of Omiyage used Carte Fini Italian crepe paper for her crepe paper flowers DIY on oh my! handmade goodness and the results are stunning. The rolls seem hefty, and are not terribly unreasonable at $7 to $8.50 a pop. The quality of the paper is so important when folding, cutting and shaping, as cheap, thin paper just rips and isn’t as pliable. Where is your go-to source for crepe paper?


bike diys

I got hit by a car while riding my bike a couple of summers ago, and I am still not 100 percent comfortable riding my bike in the city. It has been sitting outside all winter, so it needs a tune-up and a bath in CLR but I think I should get it fixed up so it’s a least usable if Adam and I decide to go on a bike ride around the neighbourhood. Despite not being the most savvy cyclist, I saw a couple of bike-related blog posts yesterday that were too cute not to share.

Anabela of fieldguided made an adorable reflective cape for night riding, and Brittany of The House That Lars Built showed us how to decorate bike baskets with the cutest flowers, showing that she’s just not talented at creating paper flowers, but at aluminum ones too.

Photo by Hilda Grahnat

perfect paper flowers

Brittany Jepsen wedding

Photos by Ali Degraff

I’ve been a reader of The House That Lars Built for a while, initially drawn to the blog by Brittany Jepsen’s giant paper flower creations she made for her wedding (shown above). Since then, she has created paper flowers of every size, colour and shape, and is kind enough to share the instructions on her blog. (Her paper leaf topiary DIY was featured on Etsy’s blog this week and it is equally amazing).

While I was going through Brittany’s archives, I came across another paper flower artist, Eloise Corr Danch.  I’m in love with Eloise’s floral letters and names that she sells in her shop. I’d take seeing my name in paper flowers over my name in lights any day.

Visit Ali Degraff here, Brittany Jepsen here, and Eloise Corr Danch here.

fez lamp DIY

The touch of gold peeking out from the Fez lamp adds just the right amount of glamour in a space without overdoing it.

When I spotted this bowl on Ikea’s website I knew that it would make the perfect shade for a DIY Fez-inspired light. With a drill and a light kit, this would be a very easy project and cost about $30 per light, a bargain if you are looking to group several lamps. You can find another Ikea bowl-turned-light DIY here.

Would you try this project? Let me know in the comments.

natural paper art

Michelle at Feminine Modern framed this Amate weave paper made from the bark fibers of fig and mulberry trees. At $7.50 a sheet, it’s an affordable way to add textured art to your home. I like the way the weave makes a polka dot pattern.

a few good things

I’ve seen a lot of painted sisal rug tutorials, but this Persian patterned rug is tops.

Classic striped sheets on sale.

I love the Canadian cabin vibe of this apartment.

Two blogs I enjoyed reading on Sunday evening.

Photo by My Hands Made It

for the makers

I got my For The Makers box a while ago, and here is the first project I made with some of the materials. I added the neon pink paint, but everything else came in the box. Have you joined For The Makers yet? I always find those makeup box delivery programs disappointing, but a box full of unique craft supplies delivered to my door every month? There’s no possible way to be disappointed. Check out the For The Makers website here, blog here, and follow @forthemakers on Twitter too.

two projects

Here are two DIYs that use two materials each. Both projects would be really inexpensive, but beautiful once completed. I think I’ll have to try both.

1. Wire flowers can be created with wire, and pliers (optional: spray paint)

2. Rope basket made with clothesline rope and a crochet needle


good things this week

I’m headed to Waterloo tonight to go on a holiday home tour in support of HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre. The houses will be decorated for Christmas, so I’m excited to take away some inspiration, support a great cause and spend a night with my mom.

Other great things this week include finding this pattern on a book at Value Village, setting up our espresso machine again, seeing Noel Gallagher in concert, and receiving my For The Makers package in the mail (more on that next week). What were some good things for you this week? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy your weekend!


all that glitters

These sparkly boots are perfectly suited to the kind of woman who wants to kick some ass, and then go out dancing. Ankle boots are a must for fall, and these blur the line between girly and tough so well. I prefer the black leather with the subtle sheen over the glitter/suede boots, but the fact that they both cost more than my monthly rent means that they will not be making it into my shopping cart. Fortunately, there are so many tutorials online on how to give plain boots the a glitter makeover (this blog has tons of tutorials, including one on making your boot heels sparkle). What do you think of sparkly shoes? Would you give your plain boots the DIY treatment?


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