bike diys

I got hit by a car while riding my bike a couple of summers ago, and I am still not 100 percent comfortable riding my bike in the city. It has been sitting outside all winter, so it needs a tune-up and a bath in CLR but I think I should get it fixed up so it’s a least usable if Adam and I decide to go on a bike ride around the neighbourhood. Despite not being the most savvy cyclist, I saw a couple of bike-related blog posts yesterday that were too cute not to share.

Anabela of fieldguided made an adorable reflective cape for night riding, and Brittany of The House That Lars Built showed us how to decorate bike baskets with the cutest flowers, showing that she’s just not talented at creating paper flowers, but at aluminum ones too.

Photo by Hilda Grahnat


crowd sourced cut

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and I am at a complete loss as to how to cut my hair. I want to keep some of the length as I’ve had short haircuts most of my life, and I am rather sick of them. I may want bangs again, but I’m not sure. I’ve been gathering haircut inspiration on my Pinterest board Nice ‘do, but am rather overwhelmed now as I look at the number of haircuts I’ve pinned. Oops.

If you follow me on Instagram (nehend), you may have seen what my hair currently looks like – shoulder length, no bangs – in other words, pretty boring. I’m excited to change things up for the summer, but I have to be mindful of the texture (thick, natural wave), and my inability to dry my hair fully without needing another shower since my attic apartment has no air conditioning. I’m hoping that I will be able to make a decision in two days. In the mean time, is there a haircut that you’ve seen recently that you like? I’d love some suggestions; as you can probably tell I’m rather indecisive.

city of craft spring edition

You may recall me posting about the City of Craft winter show back in December, and next Saturday, April 21 is the first ever spring show. I will be volunteering again, and last I checked, Michelle is still looking for volunteers so if you have a couple hours to spare next Saturday, I highly recommend lending a hand. It’s a really fun event, and you will have more than enough time to scoop up goodies for yourself. Just send a short email to cityofcraft at gmail dot com.

Plus, you will get to see and buy this amazing poster in person. It’s designed by Jack Dylan and it is beautiful.

Here are the details:

City of Craft Spring
Saturday, April 21, 2012
Trinity St. Paul’s United Church
427 Bloor Street West
(one block West of Spadina)
Toronto, ON

Hope to see you there!

(It has been a month since my last post, and I have no excuses aside from work-related travel, as well as not feeling very inspired by the Internet lately. I am trying to use Twitter and Facebook less because when I take a break I am a lot happier, and a lot less stressed — there is actually research proving there is a correlation, believe it or not. Anyway, I will not be abandoning this blog, but I won’t be posting everyday)

forget me not

I love these baby blues – perfect for welcoming spring. Happy Friday!

Shoes via Ruche; print via Lisa Rupp on Etsy

the only easter decor you need

These vintage crepe paper globes, from Italy circa 1930, would make the most stunning Easter decor. I’m envisioning them hung from pretty ribbons ever so delicately in the centre of a table – although far away from food or flame. They appear to be in great shape, too. Most of the paper decorations I see at flea markets have holes from moths and mice after being improperly stored. How would you use these paper decorations? I think the combination of watercolour and pastel could translate to virtually any spring or summertime event.

Photos via Etsy shop ethanollie

cutting board art

This cutting board is an unconventional way to incorporate art in your kitchen. Cutting board available from Hilda Grahnat. 

yellow and neutral

perfect paper flowers

Brittany Jepsen wedding

Photos by Ali Degraff

I’ve been a reader of The House That Lars Built for a while, initially drawn to the blog by Brittany Jepsen’s giant paper flower creations she made for her wedding (shown above). Since then, she has created paper flowers of every size, colour and shape, and is kind enough to share the instructions on her blog. (Her paper leaf topiary DIY was featured on Etsy’s blog this week and it is equally amazing).

While I was going through Brittany’s archives, I came across another paper flower artist, Eloise Corr Danch.  I’m in love with Eloise’s floral letters and names that she sells in her shop. I’d take seeing my name in paper flowers over my name in lights any day.

Visit Ali Degraff here, Brittany Jepsen here, and Eloise Corr Danch here.

five good things

Monday blues

I was a grump this whole weekend – you know those moods that nothing seems to shake? It’s time to think a bit more optimistically, and this list of five good things is filling my glass half-full.

1. Adam bought a turntable and now I have my own personal living room DJ.

2. I bought my first issue of Uppercase magazine. I couldn’t resist the paper theme. Also, I love discovering careers you never really thought existed, in this case a paper rep. Hello, dream job.

3. I can’t stop listening to this song. I’ll be shocked if you don’t start dancing.

4. Floral-patterned washi tape – so spring-like.

5. This handmade, marbled leather clutch with an asymmetrical flap is dreamy.

Print via blancucha on Etsy

fez lamp DIY

The touch of gold peeking out from the Fez lamp adds just the right amount of glamour in a space without overdoing it.

When I spotted this bowl on Ikea’s website I knew that it would make the perfect shade for a DIY Fez-inspired light. With a drill and a light kit, this would be a very easy project and cost about $30 per light, a bargain if you are looking to group several lamps. You can find another Ikea bowl-turned-light DIY here.

Would you try this project? Let me know in the comments.

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