Totally mesmerizing. How does sewing work? Reminds me – one of my New Year’s resolutions is to finally (re)learn how to sew.

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BBQ season

My boyfriend and I live at the top of an old house, and one of the best features of our attic apartment is our patio. I knew when I toured the apartment a few years ago that it would be an essential part of living in the city during the summer. It’s fairly small, but we’ve got a few plants and a little charcoal barbecue, and we recently bought a comfortable bistro table for outdoor eating. If our patio was even smaller,  this mini BBQ/planter combo by Dwell would do the trick just fine.  I mean, how cute is it? (It also costs about the same as our bistro set).

Hot Pot BBQ from Dwell Modern Collection

Also, while you’re grilling,  I suggest listening to Twin Shadow’s new album Confess (think throwback new wave) and for a more rock n’ roll, but equally upbeat vibe, put on King Tuff’s self-titled album. Both albums are quickly becoming my summer 2012 jams. What do you like to listen to?


I love this hilarious take on this meme by illustrator Kris Atomic. Peonies are up there on my list of favourite flowers, although right now, the peach-coloured poppies spotted in my neighbour’s garden have won the top spot. What is your favourite flower this time of year?

weekend recap

Some snaps from the weekend including City of Craft loot, breakfast with Adam on Sunday (sunny up, rye, and sausage, and coffee), and a fun party at Tabula Rasa on Saturday night. How was your weekend?

crowd sourced cut

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and I am at a complete loss as to how to cut my hair. I want to keep some of the length as I’ve had short haircuts most of my life, and I am rather sick of them. I may want bangs again, but I’m not sure. I’ve been gathering haircut inspiration on my Pinterest board Nice ‘do, but am rather overwhelmed now as I look at the number of haircuts I’ve pinned. Oops.

If you follow me on Instagram (nehend), you may have seen what my hair currently looks like – shoulder length, no bangs – in other words, pretty boring. I’m excited to change things up for the summer, but I have to be mindful of the texture (thick, natural wave), and my inability to dry my hair fully without needing another shower since my attic apartment has no air conditioning. I’m hoping that I will be able to make a decision in two days. In the mean time, is there a haircut that you’ve seen recently that you like? I’d love some suggestions; as you can probably tell I’m rather indecisive.

bottle light diy

I saw this photo on Pinterest and at first I was drawn to the tall shelves, structured loveseat and hairpin-legged coffee table. It took a second look for me to see the brilliant DIY on the table: a bottle filled with a cord light. It would be a really inexpensive project to do. The lights are easy to find at hardware stores and I have seen bottles of this size for around $30 at HomeSense. Of course, flea markets would be a good source for these types of bottles too.


Photo by Cyrille Robin

local leather love

I’ve been a fan of Deadweight for a while (I bought this print from Sandi Falconer a few months ago for Adam), and I was excited to see she had finally launched the online shop for her collaboration with Danielle Wright called Falconwright this week. The screenprinted leather goods are beautiful, and I’m eyeing the change purse since I’m constantly digging the bottom of my bag for subway fare. I’m drawn to the brighter prints, but the gold and grey are classic too.

Check out the shop for more patterns, colours and sizes.


mailing station

I have amassed a collection of ribbon, twine, tape, and paper over the past few months in anticipation of wrapping Christmas gifts. In fact, I bought all the trimmings for the gifts before even buying the gifts. I’m weird. Anyway, though I rarely ship packages, I like the idea of having a mini shipping station with all the means to send off a package or letter.

1. Postcard holder: I would use this to display my homemade cards, and incoming mail as well.

2. Twine dispenser: This is self-explanatory, but is a cute way to keep twine untangled.

3. Mini postal board: This handy tool from Sweetie Pie Press has slots to measure the standard and oversize shipping maximums. The ribbon is great for hanging.

Do you send a lot of mail?

for the makers

I got my For The Makers box a while ago, and here is the first project I made with some of the materials. I added the neon pink paint, but everything else came in the box. Have you joined For The Makers yet? I always find those makeup box delivery programs disappointing, but a box full of unique craft supplies delivered to my door every month? There’s no possible way to be disappointed. Check out the For The Makers website here, blog here, and follow @forthemakers on Twitter too.

cheers friday

Adam has started working on Saturdays so I have about eight hours to myself. Not sure what I’ll get up to, perhaps another craft show? I love this time of year because there seems to be a craft show every weekend until Christmas! They are a great place to find gifts, but honestly, I just like walking around and looking at what local artists are up to. I may go back to the One of a Kind show for one last look (I was there last week), and hit up the Book Arts Fair too. Maybe I’ll squeeze in a visit to the Handmade Holiday Arts Crafts Show as well. Think eight hours is enough time to take in all the crafty goodness in Toronto? I hope so. What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. I’m volunteering at City of Craft next Sunday, December 11, and the show needs more volunteers on Saturday. If you’re interested, check out this post. I’ve never done it before, and don’t know anyone there, so even if you’re shy, you should still give it a go.

Photo via Jaclyn Paige

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