sunday in the junction

I had a very relaxing and fun weekend where I ignored every single one of my chores except groceries and a tiny bit of laundry.

On Saturday, I hit up a few street sales in my neighbourhood, and watched Moonrise Kingdom.

On Sunday, I set my alarm to be up to catch the first ever Junction Flea Market. I was afraid I would get lost since I don’t usually visit this area of the city, but it was very easy to spot with the signage and some white bunting strung along a chain link fence outlining the lot.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was mostly vintage wares, delicious snacks, and a few new things as well including some beautiful textiles and terrariums from Toronto favourite Bookhou, letterpress cards from Snap + Tumble and some interesting jewellery from Big Tinsel.

As for the vintage vendors, the items were more expensive than what you would expect to pay at a flea market or thrift shop, but there were some exceptions of course. Overall, the items were very good quality, and there was something for every budget. There were even a few $5 and under bins. I bought a couple of things that I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.

If you’re interested in going to the next one, it happens on the second Sunday in July. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Photos, left to right: On the bus to the flea market with an iced americano in hand; one of my favourite four-letter words; a lunch and beer on my patio at home after a long morning of exploring the Junction; and a bracelet I made using Omiyage neon twine and a bead from the Beau & Bauble using this tutorial. 


the only easter decor you need

These vintage crepe paper globes, from Italy circa 1930, would make the most stunning Easter decor. I’m envisioning them hung from pretty ribbons ever so delicately in the centre of a table – although far away from food or flame. They appear to be in great shape, too. Most of the paper decorations I see at flea markets have holes from moths and mice after being improperly stored. How would you use these paper decorations? I think the combination of watercolour and pastel could translate to virtually any spring or summertime event.

Photos via Etsy shop ethanollie

teenage bedroom

I read this post on Rookie Mag last night and I loved it. As a teenager, your bedroom is your oasis. This post describes how to decorate your room like a movie, using Pretty in Pink, The Virgin Suicides, and Where the Wild Things Are as examples. Despite having my own apartment, nothing quite touches the personality of a bedroom as a teenager. It holds all your secrets, your hobbies, your music and is the one place that is completely your own.

On a related note, have you seen this blog called Teenage Bedroom? It’s a Tumblr dedicated to teenage bedrooms. Pretty amazing.

Photo via Candi Mandi


good things this week

I’m headed to Waterloo tonight to go on a holiday home tour in support of HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre. The houses will be decorated for Christmas, so I’m excited to take away some inspiration, support a great cause and spend a night with my mom.

Other great things this week include finding this pattern on a book at Value Village, setting up our espresso machine again, seeing Noel Gallagher in concert, and receiving my For The Makers package in the mail (more on that next week). What were some good things for you this week? Let me know in the comments. Enjoy your weekend!


makers, thrifters and love

I love that feeling when you first start dating someone and each time you get together you realize yet another thing you have in common. First it’s a song on the radio that you both love, or a movie on TV, and in your mind you are so happy that you have found someone who shares this thing that no one else seems to understand. Well, I can’t exactly remember how Adam and I found out we both loved to thrift, but I know that it’s a passion that we’ve shared for a long time, long before we moved in together. I remember visiting him when he lived in an old house in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto and sitting on his green Solair chair. I love that chair. I asked him where he had found it, and he told me it was from a garage sale. A year or so later, when I was helping him move across town to Leslieville, we carried that chair on the streetcar to his new apartment.

He lived about a block from a Value Village and we spent hours there thrifting things for his new place. Often, after we both got off work, we would meet there in fear that if we didn’t go we would miss something spectacular. Our strategy involved entering through the back door so we could see all the bigger items like furniture before hitting up the kitchen section and the electronics. I have so many memories of thrifting with him that it can be hard to separate one trip from another in my mind. Every time I look around at our apartment admiring the cozy spot we’ve created, I can count on my hands the number of new things we have purchased. So much of what makes our space ours is second-hand.

I think that thrifting lends itself to making. You see something that has potential, but you know you can make it more useful or beautiful once you get it home.

Adam is a maker who spends hours mixing music, singing and creating delicious recipes in the kitchen. (To read his feature on about makers and food, click here). I can’t tell you how much I love watching him create these things (well, I probably could but this post is long enough already!) There is something so attractive about a man who is self-sufficient, creative, and can make something with his own hands.

Adam tests his Victrola at his workspace

Last weekend, he made this amazing Victrola out of a hideous big box store lamp base I bought when I was a teenager that kind of made me angry every time I looked at it – it was that ugly. Using a card box we bought on one of our many Value Village trips for the base, he configured a way for the lamp base to amplify music out of his iPhone with hollow pens and electrical tape. He even researched the angle the horn should be for optimal sound. I will admit he is much more thorough and patient than I am when it comes to making something. The end project looks so cool, and sounds awesome too. It’s fun to combine his interests by playing music from it while we cook dinner.

The base is a card box we found while thrifting

It works!

Do you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband love to make or thrift together? Isn’t it a fun way to spend time? Let me know some of your projects in the comments section. I’d love to hear what you make!

all about rugs

I’m definitely guilty of picking up a bunch of knick knacks at thrift stores and flea markets without seriously considering the bigger, more expensive pieces. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we don’t have a car, and taking furniture on public transit is a nightmare (trust me, we’ve transported a desk chair and a Solair chair this way – not fun).

Anyway, when we moved in to this apartment a year ago (!!!) we had a HUGE white floor and were lucky enough to inherit a beautiful Persian rug that covers the living room floor perfectly. More recently, Adam spotted a beautiful handmade rug at a garage sale, and we scored it for $40. Last night, we picked up more rugs for our kitchen. It’s kind of fun to be buying more sophisticated pieces that can grow with us as our tastes change. Have you bought anything lately that you can see in future living spaces?

I could take or leave the room, just give me the rugs.

Photo via Bloesem Living

review: christie antiques show

We got to the Christie Antiques Show around 10 am. With a coffee in hand and no real idea of what we were looking for, we wandered around and poked about booths, often turned off by the steep prices on a lot of the items. If you were looking for furniture, there were many beautiful wood pieces, including this glass and wooden coffee table that Pam at Cherish Toronto scooped up (must have been after I spotted it!)

This piece would have been amazing in an office or studio. The top opens up to divided compartments, and the shelves are perfect for books or DVDs.

Loved the colour of green this chandelier was painted in.

I saw lots of trendy items like vintage signs, bow and arrows,  painted portraits, and  letterpress trays and letters, but they were definitely priced according to demand. Despite seeing so many beautiful things, I ended up only with a vintage brooch for $10. Oh, and a few French fries.

Hmm, the same green as the chandelier?

As much as I like shopping outdoors, and devoting an entire morning to thrifting, I couldn’t help but long for a messy flea market, with just as much trash as treasure. That way, when you find what you’re looking for, or something you never imagined you could find, the grubbing* is much more fulfilling, and you end up spending a fraction of the price of the more upscale antique markets. Were you at Christie over the weekend? What did you find? Share your links in the comments.

*Grubbing is a term I’m borrowing from my boyfriend’s dad

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