sunday in the junction

I had a very relaxing and fun weekend where I ignored every single one of my chores except groceries and a tiny bit of laundry.

On Saturday, I hit up a few street sales in my neighbourhood, and watched Moonrise Kingdom.

On Sunday, I set my alarm to be up to catch the first ever Junction Flea Market. I was afraid I would get lost since I don’t usually visit this area of the city, but it was very easy to spot with the signage and some white bunting strung along a chain link fence outlining the lot.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was mostly vintage wares, delicious snacks, and a few new things as well including some beautiful textiles and terrariums from Toronto favourite Bookhou, letterpress cards from Snap + Tumble and some interesting jewellery from Big Tinsel.

As for the vintage vendors, the items were more expensive than what you would expect to pay at a flea market or thrift shop, but there were some exceptions of course. Overall, the items were very good quality, and there was something for every budget. There were even a few $5 and under bins. I bought a couple of things that I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet.

If you’re interested in going to the next one, it happens on the second Sunday in July. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Photos, left to right: On the bus to the flea market with an iced americano in hand; one of my favourite four-letter words; a lunch and beer on my patio at home after a long morning of exploring the Junction; and a bracelet I made using Omiyage neon twine and a bead from the Beau & Bauble using this tutorial. 



I love this hilarious take on this meme by illustrator Kris Atomic. Peonies are up there on my list of favourite flowers, although right now, the peach-coloured poppies spotted in my neighbour’s garden have won the top spot. What is your favourite flower this time of year?

for mom

five good things

Monday blues

I was a grump this whole weekend – you know those moods that nothing seems to shake? It’s time to think a bit more optimistically, and this list of five good things is filling my glass half-full.

1. Adam bought a turntable and now I have my own personal living room DJ.

2. I bought my first issue of Uppercase magazine. I couldn’t resist the paper theme. Also, I love discovering careers you never really thought existed, in this case a paper rep. Hello, dream job.

3. I can’t stop listening to this song. I’ll be shocked if you don’t start dancing.

4. Floral-patterned washi tape – so spring-like.

5. This handmade, marbled leather clutch with an asymmetrical flap is dreamy.

Print via blancucha on Etsy

let’s chat: blogpodium

I’m excited to be attending BlogPodium this Friday at IDS12. The first panel discussion kicks off a quarterly conference series for bloggers co-founded by Toronto bloggers Lindsay Stephenson of Little House Blog and Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators. With an aim of fostering a conversation between bloggers and the design community, the first talk will tackle the topic of the relationship of blogs and media.

I made a pact to myself that I would start to do things outside of my comfort zone and not feel like I can’t participate in events like this just because I’m not a seasoned blogger. I think it’s crucial to talk to other bloggers that have been doing this longer if I’m going to grow. The design community is an incredibly supportive one, so I think it’s important to embrace that. There is so much I need to learn, and I’m looking forward to finding a platform where I can start to really understand blogging and the opportunities that are available, as well as meet people with similar interests.

I’ll be bringing some IDS12 content to the blog next week, so get ready for some serious design eye candy.


Happy birthday Adam!

Photo by Rebecca Barrows Vrankulj

weekend reading: covet garden

After all the holiday travelling and visiting, I’m looking forward to a weekend at home. I bought a nice winter coat during one of the coldest days this year and I think it will make winter walks much more enjoyable, so I’ll probably squeeze in a few this weekend. I’m also planning on doing some embroidery, and reading a couple of books that my parents got me for Christmas (Decor8 and The Perfectly Imperfect Home).

I want to read in detail the new Covet Garden issue featuring Arounna from Bookhou. I met her while volunteering at City of Craft and have been reading her blog ever since. She’s an incredibly friendly woman who makes beautiful textiles and prints. (Check out her Etsy and brick and mortar shop).

A photo of John and Arounna’s dining room by Ashley Capp


happy new year

It’s strange how we wait until the end of the year to reflect on our accomplishments. When I sat down to write this post I realized that I did a lot in 2011: it was the first year Adam and I lived together, I graduated school, got a great job in my field, and started to blog consistently. 2011 has been full of change (some good and some bad, as changes sometimes are), and it’s made me realize how much can happen in twelve months. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, and feel ready for whatever 2012 has in store.

1. Our apartment has changed so much in 2011, but this picture makes me smile because it’s from when we first moved in September 2010. (Oops, I messed up this year-end-reflection thing already).

2. We made it through school and both received a bachelor of journalism. Wahoo!

3. I went to Florida with my family after graduation, and we went on a tour of The Old Jail in St. Augustine. It was pink! And the mannequins were super creepy. I couldn’t resist a photo op with the warden.

4. I turned 22 and we had the best spread on our patio.

5. My grandfather passed away this year, and it was really hard. I was lucky to have spent some time with him while he was in the hospital, so I’m thankful for that.

6. My little brother moved away to university. He’s studying landscape architecture and I couldn’t be more proud.

7. I traveled to San Diego for work in August, and although I didn’t get to see much of the city, I definitely want to go back to California.

8. Adam tended a garden on our porch and it was so much fun to watch the flowers bloom.

9. With a dedicated space for crafts and projects in our apartment, I got really crafty this year.

What were your big accomplishments in 2011? What are you looking forward to in the New Year? Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.


dive in

After running around like crazy to get ready for Christmas at my parent’s house, and a few days of family time, I’m back to work today and ready to get organized for 2012. I did some sorting of craft supplies yesterday (I got so many great things for Christmas – including all the tools for learning embroidery), and went through notes from my school days. It was satisfying to sort and shred some papers that I could have tossed months ago. What are your plans for the week?

3 Divers by Hugo Guiness


I’ve been under the weather since last weekend, and am finally getting over the worst of it I think. Turns out the flu is no joke. I think it was more fun to be this sick when it meant getting time off of school. I spent today doing a bit of laundry, and catching up on some work I missed this week. I’m hoping by Monday I’m back to normal because I’ve still got some Christmas shopping and wrapping to finish up. I hate how many people are saying that today is last minute shopping, because let’s be real, it will be well into next week before I’m done. Anyway, what are your weekend plans? Hope you are staying healthy.

Amazing paper flowers by Thuss + Farrell

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