for the desk: little printer

I see a lot of tech innovations in my day job, but I love when a new product is designed well and serves a new, interesting purpose. I came across an article about Little Printer today and am happy to report it suits not only the news-lover in me, but also touches on many other interests of mine including paper, mini things and desk accessories. Basically, it prints out on receipt paper relevant news, tiny puzzles and reminders like birthdays. Then you can slip it in your bag and it’s ready for your reading and playing pleasure on your commute. Obviously it would never replace reading more lengthy articles on your other devices or in the newspaper, and it certainly doesn’t do anything your phone can’t do, but it’s presentation is really adorable. You can even text it messages to print out for your loved one at home. I’d be ecstatic to receive a message this way, wouldn’t you?

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.


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