one of a kind show: jenna rose

The One of a Kind show opened today in Toronto, and I happened to have the day off for American Thanksgiving so I decided today would be as good as any to check it out. I usually go with my mom, but my parents are in Florida now so I had to do it alone. I walked through the whole show fairly quickly, and made notes of the booths that I wanted to check out on the second time around. Jenna Rose, at booth E-20, was one of them. From Hamilton,  Jenna Fenwick illustrates these delicate patterns, and screen prints them in her studio. She mixes the ink, and each piece is beautifully crafted. I stood in her booth for a while, deliberating over which piece to choose. I ended up with the linen bucket, printed with the treehouse design. Adam and I sometimes refer to our apartment as a “treehouse” because it’s so high up, and sometimes we can hear the pitter-patter of squirrels paws on the roof. I haven’t decided what I will store in it yet, but Jenna told me it’s pretty versatile so I’m sure it will have a few different purposes.

I bought a couple more things at the show, but I can’t post them since they are gifts and I don’t want to give it away. If you’re going to the show, don’t forget to get your re-admittance voucher on the way out so you can come back another time during its run. If you’re having trouble thinking of what to get someone on your shopping list, I highly recommend the show. Things like calendars are great gifts for anyone, and there were lots to choose from! (I really liked this one from Bookhou‘s booth,O-07, and it was only $13).

Photo from the Jenna Rose website


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