mini gifts

It’s no secret that I love mini things. That is precisely why stuffing stockings is so much fun. I mean, you can fill it with gum and oranges, but let’s be honest, these are much better.

1. Mini menuboard//Pink Olive: This little guy has so many possibilities. You could use it to hold mail and write reminders, on your desk for business cards and memos or, my personal favourite, as a way to hold a menu and write a place setting.

2. Mini cottage//BijzonderMooi: This cottage comes in four styles and is made out of waterproof paper. The receiver has to fold the house, and it comes with a little card for gift giving. (via Yvestown)

3. Mini envelope punch//Paper Pastries: I’ve ordered from Paper Pastries before (the chef pencils as a birthday gift for Adam) and I love the products/service. I would happily order again in the form of these mini envelope punches. I don’t know what kind of letters you would send in them but I would make a ton just to look at. Best part? Instant gratification: you can start making tiny envelopes out of the Christmas paper you just unwrapped.


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