diy: mini confetti system-inspired pinata

If you haven’t heard of Confetti System, you are about to discover your dream job. Nicholas Anderson and Julie Ho, artists and friends, founded Confetti System to transform materials like cardboard and tissue paper into festive installations for a variety of clients like J. Crew, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the American Ballet Theatre.

You can buy the large pinatas here for $150, but I used the shape to create a small, personal Confetti System-inspired pinata. Also, I loved these mini pinatas from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. Shall we?

List of materials:

  • cardboard
  • cardstock
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • exacto knife
  • streamers or sheets of crepe paper cut into strips
  • thread, string or ribbon for hanging (I used gold sewing thread so the pinata almost looks like it’s floating)

This project cost me one dollar because I already had most of the materials on hand, I just had to buy streamers.

First, pick out your cardboard. I salvaged this takeout cardboard box from a cafe. I decided to use hot pink fringe, and this box has hot pink on the other side – perfect for hiding any imperfections with the fringe.

Use a ruler and a pen to draw a triangle for a template. I used some thin cardboard leftover from a package of tights!

As you’re gluing, make sure you are holding the ends together. If you are filling your pinata, this is the point where you would be adding the candy. It’s small enough that the person can crack it open and candy will spill out!

Now you’ve got the shell of your pinata. Next comes the fringe. To make fringe, I recommend checking out this tutorial from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. This woman knows fringe and even has a whole series on pinatas! 

I recommend gluing the fringe from bottom to top. You can trim the fringe as you go along. You can use hot glue for this step if you are very careful – hot glue gets stringy and is impossible to get off of the paper!

I think this pinata would be such a sweet touch for a breakfast in bed. I made pumpkin whoopie pies  which taste so good with a bit of espresso. Follow that with a bit of candy, and you’ve got a breakfast of champions!


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