good things

So remember how I was super lazy this weekend, aside from my ambitious TV watching? Well, I also managed to eat. I had an amazing lunch at the Merryberry Cafe in Cabbagetown on Friday after a coworker suggested we check it out because I would like the decor (which I did). Friday night we went to Koreatown for dinner, and Saturday we had a giant bowl of seafood congee in Chinatown. Fall comfort food at its best, if you ask me.

It's kind of hard to see in the photo, but the wall is covered in ripped up bits of various patterned wallpaper. The cafe also had a lot of natural touches like birch logs.

Anyway, after our Korean dinner we crossed the street to a great Korean grocery store stocked with rows of beautiful packaging and insanely cheap candy. I literally spent most of Saturday and Sunday eating bonbons in bed.

I love the bright colours against the black background.

Saturday night as Adam was making chili for dinner, I made this beaded necklace. It took very little time (I was done in time for dinner) and used beads I had on hand, and some cheap supplies I picked up in Chinatown. I’m not in love with the chain, but for a first try I think it turned out well. Do you have any other ideas for using beads like these?

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