in the mail: Martha Stewart Living

I’ve got a secret. I don’t like Halloween. I mean, I guess it was fun as a kid, but I just can’t get into it anymore for some reason. That aside, I got my October Martha Stewart Living in the mail and the season definitely lends itself nicely to craft projects, Halloween-related or not. I love fall’s colour palette, as well. Especially the blue and grey in this feature.

I thought I was over knob hooks, but I really like this colour palette and the placement up the wall.

The tiles continue summers ombre trend into fall.

We recently got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer so naturally we’re both in the mood for baking. These cupcake toppers really do look like broken glass. Ouch!

 I do like the trend of sticks painted with stripes, and I think this growth chart is a really great way to incorporate the trend into a family home in a functional, and transportable, way.

Have you got your issue yet? What do you like about it? Any summer trends you are hoping to modify for fall?

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