review: christie antiques show

We got to the Christie Antiques Show around 10 am. With a coffee in hand and no real idea of what we were looking for, we wandered around and poked about booths, often turned off by the steep prices on a lot of the items. If you were looking for furniture, there were many beautiful wood pieces, including this glass and wooden coffee table that Pam at Cherish Toronto scooped up (must have been after I spotted it!)

This piece would have been amazing in an office or studio. The top opens up to divided compartments, and the shelves are perfect for books or DVDs.

Loved the colour of green this chandelier was painted in.

I saw lots of trendy items like vintage signs, bow and arrows,  painted portraits, and  letterpress trays and letters, but they were definitely priced according to demand. Despite seeing so many beautiful things, I ended up only with a vintage brooch for $10. Oh, and a few French fries.

Hmm, the same green as the chandelier?

As much as I like shopping outdoors, and devoting an entire morning to thrifting, I couldn’t help but long for a messy flea market, with just as much trash as treasure. That way, when you find what you’re looking for, or something you never imagined you could find, the grubbing* is much more fulfilling, and you end up spending a fraction of the price of the more upscale antique markets. Were you at Christie over the weekend? What did you find? Share your links in the comments.

*Grubbing is a term I’m borrowing from my boyfriend’s dad

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