gone shopping

As the weather got warmer, I realized I had nothing to wear. So for a while I was buying clothes instead of housewares. But now that my wardrobe is summer appropriate, I’m back to making sure my apartment is too.

On a recent thrifting trip to find dishes for a photo shoot with Adam, I found a lot of things that I liked, but wouldn’t work for our project. (I’ll keep you updated on what this is when we actually have the time to thoroughly plan it!)

Here are my finds…

the fan: Well, it’s summer, and what’s more summer appropriate than keeping cool? I admit it’s not the most effective method, but it’s cute, and will work on my desk if I ever get around to sitting there.

the rulers: If you haven’t seen this brilliant use of vintage rulers, you’re missing out! I had to buy them, not because I’m planning on doing this, but I’m hoping I’ll find some use for them that’s equally as amazing.

the drawer liners: The last ones I bought didn’t make it past one drawer and two shelves in my kitchen. This roll should do the whole thing. Plus, salt and pepper shakers are a classic kitchen pair.

the pot: I’ve recently adopted a bit of a green thumb (just don’t verify that with my raspberry plant that resembles a stick in mud) and am hoping to find something to put in this adorable and bright pot. What do you plant in these type of containers anyway?

the cow: I always thought these were cute, but never bought one. Finding something second-hand always lets me justify purchases like this.

There you have it. The grand total? 23 bucks. Not bad. A lot less than I had to spend on my wardrobe, that’s for sure.

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