open (shelf) relationship

I am fatally attracted to pretty dishes and have a similar soft spot for open shelving in kitchens. It’s practical, airy and really makes a kitchen more unique than one with closed cupboards. The best part? You can change up what you display very simply. It is probably the easiest kitchen reno and places like Home Depot and Ikea have tons of shelves that would do the trick on a budget. Lots of people simply take the cupboard doors off to open up their shelving.

Luckily I didn’t have to do the work since when I moved into my apartment I was able to put my dishes on already assembled open shelves! Storage is minimal in my tiny galley kitchen so they are a bit crowded, but they work well under the sloped ceiling that my apartment is blessed/cursed with.

open & colourful shelves

Before the shelves filled up with too many decorative dishes that unfortunately don’t get too much use (although I do use the fish bowls to mix salad dressing for myself), I needed to make room for some practical stuff too. The pepper grinder is in the perfect spot since I always use it when cooking, and the utensil jar just wouldn’t fit on the counter anywhere so I moved it up too. The cork trivets from Ikea are handy to grab when taking the meal from kitchen to table (which is in the main room down the hall). I use the French Onion bowl to hold garlic cloves. The bottom shelf is deeper so I was able to cram more onto it.

Once these shelves filled up, the rest of my collection had to go in the closed cupboards but I’m keeping them around until I get bored with the look of this! Have you incorporated open shelving in your kitchen? Do you stick with the practical , the pretty, or a bit of both?

I would love to cover the back of the shelves with some kind of wallpaper, but that’s a project for another day!

Sources:Value Village, Ikea, HomeSense,good old hand me downs and gifts


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