mug shot

If you are hiding your mugs behind closed doors, it’s time to bring out your favourites. I was lucky; when I moved in, the previous tenants already installed hooks under the kitchen cupboards. The hooks themselves are cheap but you could use nails too.

I couldn’t resist the colours or the pattern on the mug on the left. I have two of the same pattern but I only hang one. The one on the right is my favourite. I can’t get over how adorable the beaver pattern is, and the bright blue is so great against the brown. It’s the kind of mug that is fought over when it’s coffee time. They were both from Value Village for a whopping $0.99 each. P.S. Untagged mugs at V.V. are a seriously good deal.

The Beaver mug was made by Royal Alma in England and I am eager to add to my collection after seeing this photo:

How sweet are these? Lately I’ve restrained from buying  more mugs or glasses because I’m running out of room. At least I am confident I will always have something for a guest to drink out of…now I just need to keep the fridge stocked.


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