living room lamp

Forget flea markets. Value Village has served me well as my go to place for cheap, interesting housewares. Sure, some things are more abused than gently used, but all it takes is a bold heart and a good eye to find something just right for your home.

I moved into my apartment in August, and have had little luck in the table lamp department until now. See, before the introduction of the much needed lamp, sitting in the living room with the light on was  literally blinding. All white walls combined with a bright ceiling light was totally uncomfortable while reading, watching TV, or doing pretty much anything that involved some kind of illumination.

I picked up the base at Value Village for $7.99. Not too bad, especially since it’s made out of glass.

The shade came from a clearance sale at Urban Outfitters for $19.99. I love the combination of the elegant base with the more organic shade. The shade keeps the base from looking too old fashioned.

Sometimes it’s worth it to wait a while until you find something you really like, even if it keeps you in the dark for half a year.

Cost: $30 (plus cost of lightbulb)

Bonus: No messy painting or complicated wiring involved.

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